Antique Turkish Oushak Rugs

Small Oushak Rug

When it comes to choice, classic is always preferred. From our vast collection of rugs, you can definitely choose this small Oushak rug.

Vintage Turkish Oushak Rugs

These rugs are crafted by using very simple methods but at the same time, they look amazingly decorative. In trades of interior design, these rugs sought after by the trend-makers and trend-setters due to their larger scale patterns along with their mesmerizing coloration and softness....

Oushak Rugs for Sale

It's time to add beauty to your home with our quality Turkish Oushak rug at an affordable price. These rugs are not expensive but there is no compromise with the quality of rugs. You can find a different type of rugs in our catalog such as rational, classic, modern, contemporary, geometric, carpets and many more.

Turkish Oushak Rug

Straight from a city of Oushak, these Turkish rugs are well known for their large-scale design and beautiful texture. Since the Ottoman period, Oushak, located in western Turkey, has been a prime center for rug production.
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